Understanding Kubernetes deployments with Helm

What is a Kubernetes object?

  • The spec is set when you create the object and describes what you want to happen in your cluster.
  • The status is the current state of the object which is continually updated by the Kubernetes system. Kubernetes ensures that the two states match.

What is Helm?

What are charts?

  • The templates folder has template files that are combined with the config values from the values.yaml file to create the Kubernetes manifests.
  • The Chart.yaml file includes data about the chart e.g. name and version and details of who is the maintainer.
  • The values.yaml file has default configuration values for the chart.

How does a release work?

Understanding YAML templates in Helm

  • The template files have template directives embedded in so you can use {{ …}} to inject in objects.
  • Template files can include {{ .Values.whatever.whateverelse }} which uses the values which you have added to your values.yaml file. There are other built-in objects which may be helpful — more detail here in the Helm Docs.
  • $ is used to define a variable and := is used to assign a value.
  • $ is also useful if you are looping in a range and you want to access a value outside of the range.
  • |- declares a multi-line string.
  • {{- … -}} will chomp the white space from left and right — needed if you have an if statement on its own line for example, otherwise a blank line will appear in the YAML file.
  • You can use if / else for conditional blocks and range for a “for each” loop. For example: {{- range $.Values.deployments -}} means go through each of the items in the deployments list in the values.yaml file.





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